Download “Magalir Mattum” HD Movie

Download Magalir Mattum HD Movie
Download Magalir Mattum HD Movie

Magalir Mattum
Magalir Mattum
  • Movie: Magalir Mattum
  • Genre: Drama,
  • Director: Bramma
  • Producer: Bramma
  • Writer: Bramma
  • Country: India
  • Language: Tamil
  • Release date: 15th September 2017
  • Screenplay: Jyothika, Saranya Ponvannan
  • Running time: 140 minute
  • Quality: HD
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Cast and Crew of Magalir Mattum

Download Magalir Mattum HD Tamil Indian Drama upcoming movie.The Movie Relese Date 15 th September 2017. The Movie Jyothika is a Sreenplayer. So Enjoy The Movie You And Your Family.

At some purpose, Jyothika was the highest Kollywood actor once her wedding to Suriya. However, she stopped acting for nearly nine years, and once her kids Diya and Dev started aiming to faculty, she created a comeback to movies.

Last year, her film thirty six Vayadhinile received each essential acclaim and box-office success.

In associate degree interview to the present author it slow back, Jyothika had aforementioned she wasn’t fascinated by doing the regular heroine roles and was probing for sturdy female-oriented subjects.

In the last one year, she has older several scripts, as well as one by noted author and director Anjali Menon, however the project didn’t pass off.

On weekday, husband Suriya tweeted regarding her forthcoming project:

The flick is being created by Suriya’s 2nd recreation and also the initial schedule has already been completed in and around Madras. The flick s director Bramma had earlier created the award winning Kuttram Kadithal, and is thought for his sturdy script sense.

Download Magalir Mattum HD Movie As per sources, Magalir Mattum has Jyothika enjoying a really powerful role of a documentary producer, WHO takes up a cause and fights for it. The flick additionally has 3 alternative powerful girls characters —Urvasi, Bhanupriya and Saranya Ponvannan — within the supporting forged along side Nasser, Livingstone and Paval.

It has music by Ghibran and Manikandan is that the photographer.

Some years back Kamal Haasan had created a flick titled Magalir Mattum (1994) with Revathy, Urvasi and Rohini within the lead. Sources have currently unconcealed that Suriya’s 2nd recreation had wanted Kamal’s permission to use the title.

The latest buzz is that Suriya are doing a anaglyph within the climax scene within the flick . Earlier Suriya had done a special look in Pasanga two, a children’s flick that he had co-produced.

Meanwhile Jyothika and also the unit of the flick has left for North Asian nation and can be shooting in urban center, Ghaziabad and few alternative tiny cities in UP. Magalir Mattum is slated for unleash early next year.

On Monday, the manufacturers of the approaching Tamil flick Magalir Mattum have discharged the theatrical trailer, that is currently trending on varied social media platforms.Of late, women-centric roles ar hot in Tamil cinema. At a time once moviemakers still use girls as eye candies, flick like Magalir Mattum ar a refreshing amendment.

After the outstanding success of her comeback flick thirty six Vayathinile, Jyothika is back to the silver screen with Magalir Mattum, a title borrowed from Kamal Haasan’s classic hit. very similar to the previous flick, Magalir Mattum is regarding four feminine protagonists and also the challenges featured by them in an exceedingly male nationalistic society. tho’ the trailer does not reveal a lot of of its plot, the tone of the flick appearance even and guarantees for a fun-ride in theatres.

Download Magalir Mattum HD Movie Apart from Jyothika, Magalir Mattum has a tremendous solid, together with veteran actors Urvashi, Bhanupriya and Saranya Ponvannan, WHO play polar roles within the flick.

Ghibran has been roped in to compose the tunes for the flick and quite 1/2 that has already been shot.

Produced by Suriya’s second diversion, Magalir Mattum is directed by the National victory director Bramma of Kuttram Kadithal fame.

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