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Thappu Thanda

download thappu thanda hd movie
Thappu Thanda
  • Movie: Thappu Thanda
  • Genre: Action Thirler, Comedy
  • Director: Srikantan
  • Producer: Sathya Murthi
  • Writer: Srikantan
  • Country: India
  • Language: Tamil
  • Release date: September 8th 2017
  • Screenplay: Srikantan
  • Running time: 90 minute
  • Quality: HD
  • Download Status: Free
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Cast and Crew of Thappu Thanda

Download Thappu Thanda HD Movie is an upcoming tamil indian action, thriler, comedy movie. The movie action is very butyfull and the movie main actor is an verey quick, So enjoy the upcoming and watch here.

Srikantan, a former student of Cinema Pattarai Balu Mahendra’s movie Institute is creating his directorial debut with Thappu Thanda, a dark comedy-thriller. He tells cerium, “The motion-picture show speaks regarding the cash-for-votes trend throughout elections.”It took nearly a year for him to finish the script. “I had to place in an exceedingly heap of analysis to know however this works,” he says, adding that the motion-picture show, whose half are going to be a dark comedy, and also the last half a adventure story, has been shot in city.“The motion-picture show focusses on 3 separate stories. for example, one amongst the comedy tracks was impressed by Kamal Haasan’s metropolis specific. i’m not speech mine are going to be an equivalent as that motion-picture show. The similarity lies within the indisputable fact that albeit characters are going to be doing one thing serious on screen, the audience can laugh,” he says.
Srikantan has directed one or two of short motion-picture show within the past, and that, he says, has given him the arrogance to figure on a feature motion-picture show. On his mentor Balu Mahendra, he says, “I hold several reminiscences of him. I’ll would like a full day to talk regarding him.”Thappu Thanda stars newbies Shweta Gai, Sathya and Udhay within the lead. Mime Gopi plays a crucial character within the monie too.

Thappu Thanda could be a Tamil pic directed by Srikantan. It stars Sathya, Shweta Gai , Mime Gopi, John Vijay, Ajay Gosh.“For the primary time we’ve advocated a University for Robbers….” Says ‘Thappu Thanda’ Director Srikantan.“Our ‘Thappu Thanda’ could be a 3 – plot story. initial plot can revolve around Election, Second plot can revolve around four normal robbing trainees and also the third plot speaks concerning the love bond of Heroine and her boyfriend…To be terribly easy, half are going to be Dark – Comedy and also the last half are going to be Crime -Thriller.

John Vijay Sir’s character is that the main highlight of our film. For the terribly initial time, he runs associate exclusive university for robbing….He collects resume from many kids and train them step – by – step in theft. Likewise Ajay Ghosh sir has acted {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a terribly} very crucial role and his character can take our film to completely different dimensions. when ‘Visaaranai’, his role in our film can earn large appreciations.

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