Download Wujood HD Movie

download wujood hd movie

download wujood hd movie

  • Movie: Wujood
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Director: Javed Sheikh
  • Producer: Javed Sheikh
  • Country: Pakistan
  • Language: Urdu
  • Release date: September 2017
  • Screenplay: Danish Taimoor, Saeeda Imtiaz
  • Running time: 90 minute
  • Quality: HD
  • Download Status: Free


Cast and Crew of Wujood

Download WujoodHD Movie is Associate in Nursing coming Pakistani revenge heroic tale movie to be directed and created by Javed ruler. it’ll star Danish Taimoor and Kubra Khan in leading roles, whereas additionally that includes Aditi Singh from Asian country, Saeeda Imtiaz, Nadeem Baig, Shahid, Ali Saleem and Javed ruler himself. Download WujoodHD Movie is slated for a unleash on Eid al-Adha, Sep 2017, it’ll be created by Javed ruler and distributed by IMGC international amusement.

This story revolves around Malhar Gopaldas Agnihotri, a out-of-work actor, poor, and passionate about his father, World Health Organization is heading for retirement. Malhar is aware of that he will act, okay so, all he wants is a few encouragement, and a few cash. He gets neither. His father is abusive, and even gets physical with him brazenly before of all the neighors, and even the neighborhood. Malhar loves a fille named Apoorva Choudhury, however his affections square measure mis-applied, as Apoorva solely regards him as a follower, and he or she loves Nihal Joshi, a Police Inspector. annoyed at the shortage of affection and encouragement, Malhar takes recourse in Associate in Nursing exercise, Associate in Nursing exersise which will place him in direct confrontation with the law, because it starts with murder.


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