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watch nashville tv show

watch nashville tv show


  • Show Name: Nashville
  • Episode: Season 5 Episode 20
  • Episode Name: Speed Trap Town
  • Channel Name: CMT
  • Release date: 07-27-2017
  • Time: 9:00 PM




Chart-topping Rayna James may be a country legend who’s had a career any singer would envy, although recently her quality is beginning to wane. Fans still line up to induce her autograph, however she’s not packing the arenas like she wont to. Rayna’s record label thinks a concert tour, gap for up-and-comer Juliette Barnes, the young and attractive way forward for country and western, is simply what Rayna desires.

But scheming Juliette cannot wait to steal Rayna’s spotlight. Sharing a stage thereupon disrespectful, untalented, very little harpy is that the last item Rayna needs to try and do, that sets up an influence struggle for quality. might the undiscovered songwriting talent of Scarlett Mary Flannery O’Connor be the key to serving to Rayna resurrect her career.

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