Watch Power Season 4 Episode 6 TV Show

watch power season 4 episode 6 tv show

  • Show Name: Power
  • Episode: Season 4 Episode 6
  • Episode Name: New Man
  • Channel Name: Starz
  • Release date: 07-30-2017
  • Time: 9:00 PM


Summary of Power 

James “Ghost” St. Apostle has it all: a fine looking woman, a beautiful Manhattan apartment, and therefore the hottest, gumptious new cabaret in ny. His club, Truth, caters to the elite: the noted and notorious boldface names that run town that ne’er sleeps. As its success grows, thus do Ghost’s plans to create Associate in Nursing empire. However, Truth hides an unpleasant reality. it is a front for Ghost’s criminal underworld; a moneymaking drug network, serving solely the rich and powerful.

As Ghost is seduced by the prospect of a legitimate life, everything precious to him becomes inadvertently vulnerable. Once you are in, are you able to ever get out?

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