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Yaar Ivan

Yaar Ivan
Yaar Ivan
  • Movie: Yaar Ivan
  • Genre: Action, Drama
  • Director: Tatineni Satya
  • Producer: Raina Joshi
  • Writer: K. V. Rajamahi
  • Country: India
  • Language: Telugu, Tamil
  • Release date: September 15th 2017
  • Screenplay: Kannan,Tatineni Satya
  • Running time: 105 minute
  • Quality: HD
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Cast and Crew of Yaar Ivan

Yaar Ivan is an upcoming tamil, telugu,Indian Action, Drama Movie.The Movie Sreenplay Kannan,Tatineni Satya and release date 15 september 2017.

A man is inactive for murdering his spouse and sent to a jail in Goa. A cop assigned to the case believes there’s a lot of to the present than meets the attention. what is the mystery here?Yaar Ivan starts with a murder. Sathya (Sachiin Joshi) shoots his spouse Shruti Esha Gupta. The scene cuts to a period of time, and that we see Sathya being remanded to custody as Shruti’s father, Jagannathan Prabhu desires to grasp why he dead her. Eccentric cop Prakash Kishore is assigned to seek out Shruti’s missing body, which can facilitate convict Sathya. Meanwhile, the young man is transferred to a jail in Goa, wherever the jail peace officer prince consort Supreeth happens to the brother of Peter Vamsi Krishna, World Health Organization died in Sathya’s hands throughout a kabaddi match. World Health Organization is Sathya, or in alternative words, yaar ivan?

There is the potential for an honest masala noir within the premise of Yaar Ivan, however the film desires to be rather more. it’s not wrong for a moving-picture show to show some ambition, however let’s be clear here. The a lot of in Yaar Ivan isn’t as a result of it’s formidable, however as a result of it’s desperate. The film could be a hotchpotch of cliches from numerous genres — we have a tendency to get the vindictive jail peace officer versus innocent unfortunate person formula of jail dramas, there’s kabaddi competition of a sports film, there’s a mystery component like in an exceedingly whodunit, we have a tendency to even have the recent masala moving-picture show trend of the hero squirting nursery rhymes as punch dialogues…

But the matter is that these parts are not brought along into a completely satisfying narrative. The performances and the performers, too, ar hardly compelling. on condition that we have a tendency to see the actors mouthing dialogues in Telugu [*fr1] the time — solely the shots involving Sathish as Sathya’s friend, Kishore and Prabhu appear to be entirely in Tamil — and also the 2 leads’ voices ar dubbed, it additionally provides U.S.A. the texture of observance a dubbed film. therefore what we have a tendency to get could be a serviceable adventure story that intermittently hits the proper notes, however ne’er looks participating enough.

‘Yaarivan’ is touted to be a adventure story directed by T.Sathya. The flick is a couple of Kabbadi player obtaining lodged within the jail for the murder of his lover.

Debutant Sachin plays the lead role of the Kabbadi player whereas Esha Gupta plays the feminine lead. Prabhu, Vennela Kishore, Satish, Kishore Kumar, urban center Hindu deity and Dhanya Balakrishnan are seen in distinguished roles.

S.S.Thaman is that the musician of the flick whereas the late author atomic number 11.Muthukumar has confined all the songs. Binendra Menon is answerable of motion-picture photography. Kanal Kannan has designed the stunt sequences. Prawin Pudi is that the Editor of the flick

‘Yaarivan’ has been scheduled to hit the screens on September fifteen, 2017.

Making a bilingual flick that’s appealing to each Tamil and Telugu audience may be a terribly sophisticated task that director Tatineni Satya has brightly handled within the flick Yaarivan.

Right from the primary promotions, the team promoted it as Associate in Nursing action adventure story and it had been a welcome relief to visualize what was precisely secure in theaters. A pillar of strength for the flick is its hero Sachiin Joshi United Nations agency has donned a wonderful character for his debut film in Tamil. even if, the role would possibly look terribly reserved and silent throughout the film, plenty of thought has been place into it that is even through the climax.

Yaarivan doesn’t waste any time in establishing its characters right from the start. whereas the business parts of comedy by Sathish and songs shot in foreign locales area unit there, they’re showing neatness packed into a bundle so the story continues intense. Sachin falls smitten with Esha Gupta initially sight and decides to marry.

During his honeymoon in state, Sachin murders his new wed mate Esha and is guilty of being a criminal. Kishore is appointed the task of resolution the case United Nations agency appearance deep into the lifetime of Sachiin and his mannerisms within the past. Meanwhile, the hero additionally incorporates a personal downside with the jailer United Nations agency needs him to play a match of Kabbadai, as a result of Sachiin additionally happens to be a professional Kabbadi player.

Screenplay by Kannan and Tatineni is what keeps Yaarivan an exhilarating ride with some occasional twists and turns. The director has done a wonderful job in equalisation the flick so it doesn’t seem like a bilingual. Characters compete by Sathish, urban center Hindu deity and Prabhu add believability to the flick even if they need restricted screen house.

Out of the heap, Kishore impresses everybody together with his cop-like visual communication and therefore the poised manner during which he investigates the case. For a primary timer, Sachiin has balanced his role fine and lip syncs in most scenes. Esha Gupta appearance stunning and apt whereas Yaarivan’s success additionally lies in its visually pleasing picture taking by Binendra Menon and therefore the appealing locations.

Goa appearance attractive as ever that once combined with the authentic costumes, sets and background score. The movie’s occasional lip synchronisation problems with some actors and over the highest dialogs are some things you’ll be able to simply push aside. Yaarivan may be a adventure story that sticks faithful the genre and delivers an attractive watch until the climax.

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